Adamsville Church of God
Monday, June 17, 2024

Church History

Established in 1931     

     On Sunday night, November 29, 1931, the Church of God was set in order in Adamsville, Alabama by B.L. Hicks, overseer of the Church of God of said state, with thirteen members.
     In 1931 Minnie E. Haynes came to Adamsville with great hopes of starting a new work for the Church of God.  After several months with seemingly no success, she decided to hold a revival in an old-time brush-arbor.  In this meeting the church realized its first converts, of six people total.
     When it became too cold for services to be held in the brush-arbor, the services were moved to the Turner Drug Building.  After moving to this building two more converts were added to this little group.  The converts were baptized on a cold November evening in the Little Warrior River.
     The next place of worship for the church was in the duplex home of Kyle and Murzie Adams and Leland and Jessie Adams.  Services were held in both sides of the home.  One revival was conducted on the front porch of the Adams home. 
     The next place of worship was located in the "hollow" on property donated by R.B. Adams.  An old church was purchased by the Church of God for $50.00, including the church furniture.  The building was torn down and moved to the acre of land donated by Mr. Adams.  On this site the first building was erected.  Many people donated their labor in construction of this buildng.  All this was done under the leadership of Minnie Haynes.
     The first parsonage for the church was constructed on what is now Adams Avenue.
     The Rev. W.E. Hodo was the second pastor of the church.  He was to serve the church on two different appointments, his first being from 1936-1938.  The second was from 1941-1946.  During his ministry a small white frame church was built at the Adams Avenue location.
     The third pastor was Rev. A.V. Coker.  His first message was on faith.  He was known as an outstanding preacher.  He served the church from 1938-1939.
     The fourth pastor of the young church was Rev. David Ingram.  He pastored from 1939-1941.
     Rev. A.L. Sandlin was the sixth pastor, serving from 1945-1951.  Under his leadership the second parsonage was built.  It was built on Adams Avenue.  This parsonage was built in 1946 at a cost of $3000.00.  Several Sunday School rooms were also added during Rev. Sandlin's pastorate.
     The next pastor for the Adamsville Church was Rev. Willard Williamson.  He served the church from 1951-1954.  Under Rev. Williamson's leadership the church experienced great growth.
     The eighth pastor was Rev. J.T. Peoples who served the church from 1954-1956.  A new church was built during Rev. Peoples' pastorate.